"Always Above and Beyond"

September 7, 2016

I guess our first blog should probably be kept on the sane side of things since we don’t want the
general population believing that I’ve gone around the bend. With that in mind, here we go;

We have had the privilege of doing some very cool stuff for a wide variety of folks. Nothing personal to
any of them but our favorite place to work has been “The Big Cat Habitat and Sanctuary” in Sarasota.
If you have never been to this place you really owe it to yourselves to go, especially if you love animals.
We have been donating our time and talents to the creation of some rock work inside of the animal
enclosures. There is something about being up close and personal with a 1400 pound Kodiak bear
that can be exciting. We spent a few months building rock facades in three of the bear enclosures,
some of the bears appreciated our efforts and some didn’t care for us being in their space at all. As a
matter of fact we had our work redone for us a couple of times before we got it just right for them.
Our last project there was a water feature for “Bob”. Bob is a Capybara, they come from Panama and
South America and are the largest rodent in the world, very cool.
We look forward to returning to the BCH soon for another project.

September 8, 2016

In our last blog we talked about the Big Cat Habitat and the work
that we have done there, in this blog we want to talk about our
industry, our little pocket of reality.

We do decorative concrete.

That is such a blanket statement and doesn’t begin to tell you
what we are all about. We do a lot of different things like fixing
your driveway, garage floor or pool deck by making cracks nearly
invisible, making ugly stains disappear, giving your place a
beautiful face lift without the surgery. We use many products that
are environmentally friendly and will last for many years to come.

We also offer concrete counter tops, both as an overlay and
poured in place or if you prefer to do this without all that
mess we offer an Epoxy finish right over your existing
countertops. That’s right, you could have new counter tops in a
matter of just a few days. We can do the same thing for your
floors, whether they are concrete, wood or tile, we can give you
new floors without the mess of ripping out the old.

Another part of our business is dressing up the swimming pool
area and the yard. We build some really unique and cool stuff,
if I must say so, and it’s not just me that says so. We get such a
kick out of watching the reactions of those who are watching us.
I’ve never seen so many people stand around with their mouths
open. We build very unique water features in yards, some with
ponds and some as pond-less water feature. We also put them
on swimming pools, some of them even have slides built into
them with some of them being completely open, some completely
enclosed and others with a little of both. Any way you slice it, it
spells fun for everyone.

Along with all of this we can make you a bridge, enchant your
gazebo, make your fireplace something really special or make
you some log furniture. You starting to get the picture?
ALL of our structures are made of welded steel and concrete and
come with a 10 year structural warranty, yup, 10 years.
I don’t know any other that will stand behind what they do for
that long.

We’re not saying that we’re better, just different.
Call us and experience the difference.

Thanks for reading.