"Always Above and Beyond"
Above is the before picture.
This is eco stained random tile
engraving with black boarders and
black grout
Concrete Surfaces

We offer many options for concrete surfaces. Just a few of theses options are epoxy
coatings for garage floors, vinyl chip coatings, faux finishing and concrete engraving. No
matter the condition of your existing slab, we have and option for you.
This is a faux finished pool deck
done with 3 colors. This finish
helps hide imperfections in the
surface along with hiding dirt.
The newly sealed surface is
easier to maintain and only
needs to be hosed down
periodically to keep it clean. No
powerwashing is needed.
This is veining on a diagonal tile engraving
with black grout. Like everything else we
do, we use the very best sealers so
maintaining this great look is very easy. Tis
can be done on garage floors, pool deck
and driveways.
This is Metallix and can be done on
interior surfaces only.
This is a seamless metallic
epoxy garage floor. With
the seamless system,
maintaining and cleaning
the garage or interior floor
is as simple as taking a
damp dust mop across the
This is vinyl chip flooring also done in
a seamless floor. This option is great
for floors with many imperfections.
This is a 3 color faux driveway
with border and starburst