"Always Above and Beyond"
Welcome to our Big Cat Habitat Project page. We have been chosen to recreate the habitats for
their big cats and bears at:

Big Cat Habitat and Sanctuary
located at 7101 Palmer Blvd, Sarasota, Florida.

This is going to be a very lengthy project. We are starting with the bear habitats and will be doing
the new habitats for the big cats soon. Below are the picture of our progress to date and we will
continue to post updated pictures as we go. Please check back with us from time to time to see
our latest
Incredible Creations.
This is Marty. She is a 1200 lb. Kodiak bear.
She is somewhat temperamental and not
always pleasant to be around. She is a bit
cranky at times.
This is Buck. He is a 1400 lb. Kodiak bear. He
is extremely nosy and will let you know if he
does not like what you are doing. He has
quite a roar.
Bucks before and after
Martys before and after
This image shows the continuity between Bucks and Martys habitats.
This is "Bob" and his new home.