"Always Above and Beyond"
Concrete Structures

We get request to build some outrageous projects and take pride in fulfilling those request.
Below are just some of the structures we have built.
This is a hand carved rock fireplace
with a hand carved concrete log
This a rock wall for a bear
enclosure at Big Cat
This is a gazebo with hand carved
concrete tree trunk columns. This
picture was taken 5 years after
completion with very little to no
This is one of our favorite projects. This is a rugged
cross build for a school in Bradenton. It was carved
to look like two old timbers that were notched and
nailed together.
This a bridge for a golf cart
that goes over a Koi pond.
Each rock was hand carved
to resemble the rocks used
around the Koi pond.
This is a Moon Gate. When we
were asked to build one, we had
no idea what a Moon Gate was.
After a bit of research, this is what
the finished project looked like.